The Beauty of Photography

“My passion is to capture beautiful, as-they-happen moments with your little ones”



Love To Shoot

Here at Little Teapot Photography, we understand that family life is perfectly imperfect!

This is why our photography isn’t confined to a studio using props, posing and lighting. Your images will be taken in the comfort of your own home (or a location of your choosing), where you and your children feel happy, comfortable and relaxed. We will use natural lighting and unscripted moments to ensure that your images are a reflection of you as you are right in that instant. The aim is to transport you right back to that time when you look back at them!

Capture Every Moment…

Our shoots capture the mess, tears and cuddles (along with the smiles of course!) that would otherwise be erased, because after all, family life is perfectly imperfect and every second is precious.

  • Schedule a session to suit you using the simple booking tool
  • Enjoy a relaxed and fun shoot
  • Receive a private, password protected link, allowing you to choose the photographs you would like edited
  • Easily make a payment online. Receive your free image the same day and the rest of the album within 1 week

“I seek to capture the real & honest moments for you and your family to enjoy & remember for many years to come.”


Where will we be?

This is up to you! Many people choose an “at-home” session but if you have an alternative location in mind, perhaps somewhere your family love to go? i.e. the park or even a new place that you would love to explore, then the “outdoor” session would be perfect.

What will we do?

Photoshoots are entirely family-led, so anything that you like! You could do finger painting, bath time, playing in the garden or even just cuddles watching a film. Whatever you choose, I’ll capture your family just as you are.

How should we be?

Within your typically 1hr session I am there to capture real life, honest moments and often these are the most special. Whatever your child needs, do what you would as if i wasn’t there, real photography is designed to capture the day… rain or shine!